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ASI Auto Group is a national provider of vehicle inspection services tailored to the wholesale auto auction industry’s unique needs. Headquartered in Franklin, TN and in operation since 2011.


We value honest dealings with our vendors and clients and expect the same in return. We gain the trust and respect of those we work with by standing behind our work.


Above all, our goal is to provide a service that others can depend on 100% of the time.


We remain true to the promise of providing for our client’s remarketing needs. Everything starts with a condition report!

What sets ASI Auto Group apart?

With over 24 years of working experience in the wholesale auction industry, ASI is uniquely equipped to meet the inspection challenges of your auction location and has the expertise and know how to protect your interests and support your vehicle inspection initiatives.

Our Services

Cut Costs and Maintain Staffing Flexibility

Lower operational & labor costs while maintaining flexibility when there is uncertainty with volumes. Scale up or down comfortably to fit your needs.

Increase your COMPETITIVE Edge

By hiring ASI Auto Group, you gain access to industry-specific experts and a highly trained and skilled workforce that will help you surpass competitors who have not yet realized the benefits of outsourcing.


Increase In-House Efficiency

Do what you do best and focus on core initiatives. Free up your staff for more strategic initiatives and allow us to share in the workload of your employees.

Strengthen Buyer/Seller Relationship

  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Positions your auction as a preferred partner/outlet

Promote Cross Selling Opportunities

  • Reconditioning services
  • Enhanced detail services
  • Post-Sale Inspections

Minimize Risk

  • Reduce Arbitrations & Policy Loss
  • Improved Remarketing Efficiencies
  • 3x more likely to sell
  • Higher online sales %
  • Higher sale prices in-lane & Online

Certified Industry Leader

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